Give me patience this day
give me presence
May I seek to do my best,
letting go of all the rest
and remember to give thanks
for it all, even the mess
Sometimes there are difficult days. Even when I think I have it all down- “I got this, I’ve acclimated myself to solo parenting”- there will still be days when the challenges mount high enough to overwhelm me with fear. Fear that I’m not good enough, fear that I won’t have enough, fear that I won’t find love again. Fear comes knocking in all kinds of forms and on bad days there might be sorrow too. But a wise person (who is also my daughter) said to me once, “Mom, check out this quote, I read it in a book: “Fear is a long, long road, but sorrow is an arrival”. When I’m brave enough to drop into the sorrow that sometimes lies beneath the fear, I arrive at something possible- the chance to heal, the chance to be with myself in a whole new way. The chance to break through.