Married moms don’t always have the same kind of Need when it comes to free time as single moms do. Single moms irrefutably know: there’s a whole world out there and more than any other time in life, solo parenting demands an exploration of it. At what other time could there be such crucial requirement to de-stress, leave the house for an evening as your child plays with their really cool babysitter, and you head out on the town to remember what it feels like to be a woman.
Our single mom might meet her friends for a cocktail then skip over to her lover’s house as her married friends look at her in quizzical awe…”Can she really do that? Can she really just leave and not feel guilt?” As the rest of the girl posse shuffles home to their husbands and sweet sleeping children, perhaps they heave a sigh of relief: “thank God I have the comfort of a secure family unit.” But just perhaps there is an additional feeling bordering on intrigue… here is a mom who’s living beyond the confines of security, what must that be like?? The beauty of the modern era is that single moms are everywhere. All you have to do is ask.