Single parents don’t always get praised for the work they do. Bringing up children alone, working long hours, and staying upbeat when loneliness hits- because it does, and it will. My friend Betty Wyman is one of those single moms who manages to do all these things really, really well. She has time to ask me how I’m doing even when she’s just been through a particularly rough patch. She keeps herself positive by remembering who she is, and gives her kids the best she can each and every day. So, this letter is for her, and all the other single parents out there doing what they can, keeping a smile when the tears want to come, and staying hopeful. Because hope is the truth, and sustains us like nothing else can:
Dear friend,
You gave me a gift; reminding me of the fun of it all. The goodness in staying positive as we work and parent and find meaning in every-day life. Any journey of the heart means the more we give to it openly, without too much scrutiny, the more we are aligned with the fullest of possibilities.
Since end results don’t always come in the time-frame we wish, the road can be humble and long when trying to put ourselves out there in the world. But I read in a book once that "self-doubt is just another form of vanity" because it keeps us focused on our estimable worth, not our inherent worth.
Single parenthood teaches us to believe in ourselves, so we can be all that we can be, and our kids can too. Just know how very much I believe in you, and am honored to have you as a friend.
Keep shining!!