I don’t need a man, I want a warrior

Give me space to dance, to move my body and lead with my Heart.

No need to fix me, or show me the way, I am a resourceful woman.

I don’t need a man, I want a warrior.

Hold me, closer.

Love me, intimately.

See me, as the perfect being that I am.

I am not wounded in the matters of the Heart, nor inventoried as damaged goods.

Beautiful stretch marks capture my children’s journey into this world.

As glistening, tethered Heart-chords seek mending from a true love of Self.

Let me be the wave – crashing, thrashing, rolling without a clear compass.

Let me nurture you with the moon’s light.

Please, let me cry out my tears of pain, as I rejoice in the presence of my courageous Heart.

Daring to try love, one more time.

Be the warrior who matches my breath.

Be the warrior who dares to love the goddess I am.

Boundless, unconditional, and free- just love.

I see you, can you see me?