There are many negative things that are brought up in discussions about single parenthood, often by single parents themselves. But they can’t be faulted for needing to vent. After all, it is harder to parent alone. It is harder to manage home, vehicle, work and childcare by oneself. There are aspects to single parenthood that try every last nerve and press every last button.
But there are glorious parts too. These parts may get easily passed over in conversation, but make all the difference in the world. And only SPs have experienced them because they are born from the same challenges that require the need to vent in the first place.
Challenges mold and shape us. While parenting keeps one humble and loving, single parenting gives one grit. And grit by its very nature is contagious, easily passed from parent to child. It may not be glamorous, but grit allows for the fortitude, determination and levelheadedness needed to stay in the game of life. As a result, we get to model independent success for our kids and teach them how to trust their own instincts, as we are learning to trust ours. It may not be easy, but what did "easy" ever do for anyone?
For an empowerment boost, try placing “I am” in front of any of the words that make up the definition of grit. Notice how true the statement is!
courage and resolve; strength of character.
synonyms: courage, bravery, pluck, mettle, backbone, spirit, strength of character, strength of will, moral fiber