There are lots of things that can be done single-handedly.

I can put the dirty dishes to wash, pour a glass of wine, prepare a simple meal, vent-text my best friend. It brought up endless frustration, but when my left hand was injured, I learned just how much I could get done with my right.

Single parenting can feel as though you have one hand tied behind your back. There’s only one person to make breakfast and get the kids to school, shovel a driveway, or pay the bills each month so the lights don’t get turned off.   Only one person worries in the middle of the night when a child wakes up sick, or the pressure of the next days’ tasks feel insurmountable. Single parenting is largely defined by strategy, mixed with moments of nerve-stretched limbic overload.  But when you have one hand tied behind your back, you can bet the other is going to function with Edward Scissor-hand like precision and focus. Single parents may be overloaded much of the time, but they are masters of resourcefulness and determination, because, well, they have to be.

Singlehandedly is an intentional community devoted to the ideas and needs of the modern single parent.  A space to share resources and experience, we are made up of stories and storytellers seeking to replenish the mind and inspire the heart of the parent flying solo.

Meet Betty Wyman – The gal behind “SingleHandedly”


Betty Wyman can read and analyze complicated balance sheets, profit and loss reports. 1 part engineer, 2 parts CPA, 3 parts financial consultant with an MBA but too short for the NBA. She is the founder and co-creator of a single parenting blog site If she is not busy single handedly taking care of her 2 sons, heading the finances and operations of a private a school , teaching fitness classes or working on her website and writing articles, you can find her gardening, hiking and running the trails, paddle boarding and kayaking the lakes with her sons.

Betty Wyman

Our Rock Solid Contributors


Amy Carpenter
Licensed Psychotherapist, Yoga Instructor, Writer

A passionate and committed writer, Amy has several projects underway, including two completed books: a middle-reader novel and a memoir/anthology. “Channel Crossing: The Challenge and Success of Solo Parenting” includes contributions from 26 parents living in various locales throughout the U.S. Currently under editorial review.

As a psychotherapist with twenty-five years of practice and a background in child welfare, Amy has led multiple groups and spearheaded community-based organizations designed to meet the needs of children and families. In 2007, she was certified as a kundalini yoga instructor by the Kundalini Research Institute of Espanola, New Mexico and has taught individual and group classes ever since. As both a healer and practitioner, Amy is passionate about the mind/body connection and the connection to the natural world.

Find Amy at:


Sheryl Carpenter
Accountant, Fitness Instructor

Sheryl Carpenter has made her living by working with numbers; as a math teacher to middle school students, an accounting teacher to high school students, and then as the owner of an accounting/bookkeeping business serving some of the top organizations in the tourist community where she lives. Her skills with analysis and order have served her well in the black and white world of numbers, but her true passion is most evident on the abstract plane of movement, music, creativity and fitness.

As an exercise instructor at a five-star resort where she has taught classes for more than 20 years, Sheryl has had the great fortune of building a loyal and dedicated clientele who count on her knowledge, energy and commitment for their health and wellness needs. Her spark is at its brightest when she is leading a class, and she has been heard to say that her position in the front of the exercise studio is where she feels most comfortable. Sheryl is someone who takes her passion and her work seriously. As a writer, she approaches each essay and poem with that same level of commitment, combining heart wisdom with raw, personal truth.


Jennifer Cabot
Reiki master, Life coach, writer

Single parenthood has been about balance, presence, self-advocacy, compassion and commitment. Realizing I was the emotional backbone for not only my children but also myself, a passion was ignited. I am passionate about compassionately supporting others in finding their way through the turmoil of change, while establishing roots anchoring in possibility, courage and patience. My intention is to support myself, my children and others in pivoting away from seeing life laced with challenges destined to hold us down, but rather using our life experiences as opportunities to recommit to healing, growth, and expansion- because the payout is always far greater then any of us could imagine.

For further writings, workshops and retreats, I welcome you to visit:


Megan Williams

A Maine native, Megan Williams has been living and working in the Midcoast for 10 years. She has lead local organizations and helped them progress by focusing on strategy and relationships. She has experience with nonprofit brand management, digital and print art direction, content creation and strategic planning and she excels at designing creative marketing strategies that drive success. Her skills have earned national recognition for marketing strategy, creative work and media relations.

Outside the office, Megan enjoys spending time hiking, gardening and enjoying her natural surroundings, which often inspire creative expression through her writing, painting and photography.

Creative expression and enjoying the serenity of nature have helped Megan bring some calm into the often-chaotic world of parenting. Through art, writing, humor and friendships, she reflects on her traumatic entry into the world of single parenting as a jumping-off point for lessons learned and an entry into a new normal.


Bethany Goding

Bethany Goding has spent the past decade learning, growing, and redefining herself. Starting out as a teacher, she was certain her life would revolve around watching others grow. After taking time off to raise two small children, her journey became one of self-discovery and unexpected opportunities. When a divorce prompted her to return to work outside the home, Bethany moved on to business ownership, marketing, and eventually into the world of supported employment for individuals with disabilities. Being involved in local business development and politics, and the hectic energy that came with the work, was enjoyable.

After working in this field for over seven years, Bethany’s life took an unexpected turn that caused her to rethink her priorities, goals, and lifestyle. Her teenage son’s life-threatening illness led to the need to refocus and slow down. After months of hospitalizations and struggle, he was diagnosed with a rare disorder that was cured in a matter of days. His healing felt miraculous and left her with the desire to be grateful for every moment, to live life as fully as possible. She now spends her days with her two healthy teenagers, focusing their journey to live positively. Having left the business world, Bethany is excited to be returning to teaching in the fall. Her journey inspired the LivePositive.ME community. Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter.


Shawna Slack

Shawna Slack is the co-founder and chairman of Genesis Advisers, a leadership development consultancy with a global practice providing workshops, coaching and online learning solutions to leaders and their leadership teams. Shawna built Genesis from a sole-practitionership to a global company with office and partnership representing over 70 coaches serving Fortune 500 companies on every major continent.

Before Genesis, Shawna was a principal at YankeeTek Ventures, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based high-tech venture capital fund.  She graduated with an MBA from the MIT Sloan School. Shawna is a past president of the Boston chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (over 12,000 members globally), where she serves as a mentor to CEOs.

As a single parent, Shawna is committed to family dinner daily, and loves to connect with her three children through fitness, cooking and family adventures near and far.  Her writings focus on the joys and sorrows of parenting teenagers and deepening parent/child relationships.

Karrie Bloomquist

Karrie Bloomquist

I am a single mother, an artist, and I have a master’s degree in Psychology with a specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis.  As a single mother, I strive to always bring humor to parenting. Allowing my daughter to grow up as a child, full of curiosity, and mistake making.

As an artist, I tend to do the same: make mistakes, and have fun.

In my career, I work in Special Education, helping children learn successful ways of interacting with their world. In this work, humor again is the lynchpin to reaching a child and gaining trust.

As a contributor to this website, I hope readers will take my writing with a grain of salt, it can sometimes be difficult to convey the humor that I mean when writing about things that have been painful to me. I may be at times wry, but I hope my experiences can also be useful to someone. We are in this together.