A New List:
Lists seem to be a big thing these days. Especially on sites about parenting. Most anything to do with parenting is bound to have a list somewhere displayed. The good news is that many of them are funny-a quick and easy way to get some levity in the often-mundane world of parenthood, and a welcome change to the to-do list all of us are bound to, every moment of every day.
At some point, I realized it was time to add my bit to the bunch. So here goes; 8 things as a mom I want to remember to do with my daughter each and every day:
1)Laugh together
2)Offer a tender touch, a tickle or a back rub that says, “I care”
3)The words “I’m looking forward to spending time with you” are something everyone likes to hear
4)Inquire into the events of her day that were challenging or inspiring
5)Gently remind her of the task(s) she has at home. She matters to the overall scheme of things; even if she begrudges the challenge, it’s good for her.
6)Remind her that if she is just herself, she has everything she needs to be a beautiful, kind and powerful person on earth.
7)Plan for the future together- even if it’s what to get at the grocery store that week- it helps the overall process when there’s a sense of teamwork
8)Ensure the knowledge that, no matter what, when things feel as if they are falling apart, I will be there to help her find her way through.