1. Today I will sit down with my little one and fully, completely and with 100% focus, PLAY.  The gift to myself is that I will NOT pick up the toys afterward. That can wait til tomorrow.
  2. Today I will NOT “run to” the grocery store, drug store, post office, or laundromat. I may however run to the sale I heard is happening at my favorite clothing boutique. Afterward, I can take my child to the dollar store where she can buy whatever she wants and feel as delighted with her purchase as I do mine.
  3. Today I will listen to any music I want for a sustained period of time; my only pre-requisite is that it cannot have any singing animals. In exchange, I will invite my child to dance with me. My guess is she will love that.
  4. Today, I will make sure to swing by that great specialty food shop and pick out one of those wonderful lunches-to-go that I absolutely love. (Oh, and they also have child-size cupcakes, I’ll buy one of those too)
  5. Today I will take a minute (actually make that several minutes) just to sit by myself and be quiet.  During that time, I will not be thinking of the grocery list, laundry list, activity list and child-needs list. I will just breathe and BE for a few short minutes. Afterward, my child has the benefit of a slightly more relaxed and chilled-out mom.
  6. Today I will not feel guilty when I make grilled cheese sandwiches and soup for dinner. My child loves it, it’s easy, and today, easy is just fine by me
  7. Today I will make sure to call one of my girlfriends for a long overdue connect session.  This means I may have to pop in a video for my young one. For this, I will also not feel guilty. As long as there are singing animals, she is content. I can grab 30 minutes to myself and afterward, we can snuggle up to read her favorite book. I will feel the calm of evening and the joy of knowing I’ve taken good care of her, but I’ve taken good care of me too.